5 Essential “Rights” for Successful Yoga

Yoga has captured the hearts and souls of many western people over the last 4 decades, and with its mystical eastern ambience, personal well-being is a focus. Being in tune with nature gives a person perspective, and yoga is the ideal way to relax, exercise, and attain a level of spiritual nourishment, which is why so many people have adopted a more natural approach to their lives. If you would like to experience the serenity and well-being that yoga offers, here is an essential checklist.

  • The Right Teacher – This is obviously critical, and there are many online practitioners who specialise in one on one training, which is preferred. Of course, one could simply join an introductory yoga class, to see how it is, and in the event you decide to pursue yoga, you should source a respected teacher.
  • The Right Clothing – While any loose fitting garments will work, ideally, you want something just right, and with specially designed yoga shirts, you have complete freedom of movement, while looking stylish as well. There is an affordable range of yoga clothes in Australia, and with a range of designs that are 100% organic, you will get the most out of your yoga sessions. If you are thinking this means getting out the yellow pages, fear not, simply Google “yoga tops Australia”, and you will arrive at the supplier’s website.
  • The Right Attitude – Yoga is not a passive activity, and requires heavy input from the student, both mentally and physically, but if you apply yourself, the benefits are indeed many. Learning how to control the conscious mind is one important skill, as we all tend to allow our minds to wander, and this is merely a waste of spiritual energy, and is also an obstacle to well-being, which is the focus of this amazing Eastern practice called yoga.
  • The Right Diet – Whatever you were consuming before, your diet needs to be one that gives you all of the necessary nutrients, as this is required for the physical activity, so a balanced diet is required. Your yoga instructor would be able to help you with a dietary plan, and then there’s Google, who will always deliver, but the diet would be based on organic foods, with vegetables, fruit, and nuts making up the majority.
  • The Right Ambience – The setting in which yoga is performed should be a reflection of the leaner’s state of mind, so lots of soft colours, and a basic, but comfortable environment in which to experience the session. Notice the décor when you first walk into any yoga centre, and you will immediately feel drawn to nature, and this is the type of ambience that facilitates yoga.

The diet and clothing are essential, and perhaps have a medical check-up before enrolling, and above all else, keep an open mind and allow yourself to fully relax, and then you will feel the healing benefits of yoga.

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