7 Red Carpet Fashion Tips for the Shorter Man

You may think you dress for the red carpet is easy for male celebrities, but for many leading men who are vertically challenged (not that there’s anything wrong with that) many details should be addressed to make it look, well, higher – and without ” over-peacocking.

Alan Au from Beverly Hills clothing store design – for men 5-feet-8-inches and shorter – the actions of its seven do’s and don’ts for the shorter man

  1. Choose the style that best suits your body type. If you have broad shoulders or a strong middle section, only the current skinny style will make you look shorter and rounder, so go with a more traditional. But if you have a thin build, cutting styles can actually make me look taller.
  2. Dar flaps reached a try. A moderate peak can help draw attention to the neck and shoulders and away from a strong midsection. Delgado reached Slim flaps work well to build. But be careful with peak lapels that are too large, that make you look smaller than you.
  3. Choose a short neck. A high collar will make you look shorter because you’re not showing the neck. And make sure the width of the bow is proportionate to your face. If it is too narrow, his head looks like a balloon. If it is too wide, you look like a clown.
  4. Be sure to wear shorts increase. The waist should sit naturally at the waist to the crotch in, well, crotch. Also, make sure the hem bottom has only a small relief and sleeve hems should be just below the wrist bone.
  5. Avoid “excessive over-peacocking. Meaning: using too many striking details and embellishments. If you must, stick to one, as a single pocket square, a flashy tie, vest contrast, a lapel pin, hobby cufflinks or studs with gems.
  6. No formal wear white socks. You’ll look shorter if the frame of reference for everyone is the distance from the throats of their socks.
  7. Finally, and most importantly, have a tailor. Will check to make sure everything is flawless, because it’s all about form and proportion. A good fit will make you look taller, if nothing else.

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