Adding a little beauty to anything and everything is never bad

The quote by some great person explains the enhancive nature of man. We have found many ways to improve, rather enhance our beauty. There are many products that promise an upgradation in your beauty and make you more attractive. Various procedures and therapies ensure that you will come out looking your best. One such procedure that has an awesome result is Eyelash extension.

Eyelash extension has become famous lately as it offers you a glamorous look. More popular amongst the celebrities, this procedure is now a hot topic for every girl who decides to get some flashy lashes. Eyelash extension is easy and not very costly. Though the cost depends upon your choice of procedure, it delivers great results. Here are a few pros and cons of eyelash extension that you should know before getting the procedure done:


  • A time-saving method: In this life of running after time, it becomes very tough to sit back in front of the mirror and put on your mascara. Eyelash extension offers you freedom from the nitty –gritty of eyelash makeup for at least a few weeks.
  • No wear and remove routine: As the eyelash extension is a semi-permanent solution you do not have to take off and then re-apply them every day. Daily on and off process of lashes also damages your natural eyelashes.
  • An affordable treat: Eyelash extension is definitely an affordable treat for your eyes with great salons like Amazing Lash Studio offering eyelash extension services at a very nominal price.
  • The look you want: Eyelash extension is a procedure that requires maintenance after a certain time. So when you visit the salon you can always ask for a real different look every time. This is great for those women who love experimenting but are to busy to do so.
  • Easy: With practiced hands the eyelash extension is an easy task with less aftercare.


  • The biggest con of the eyelash extension is that if not applied with care it may damage your natural eyelashes. Take utmost care before choosing an eyelash salon for the procedure. Try to get the services done by a professional. For more information on finding the best eyelash extension salonsread .
  • Technician’s ability: The aptitude of the technician matters a lot as while performing the eyelash extension it is very important that the extension is done on every lash rather than on patches. If done wrong the results can be disastrous.
  • The time associated: The initial session of eyelash extension takes approximately 2 hours. It is a long time to sit back and get this procedure done. Not only this but you have to sit with your head back and your eyes closed for all these two hours,
  • Reaction: You may also get a reaction from the glue used. If in case you feel any discomfort or any burning sensation you must immediately talk to the technician as the process is not supposed to cause any of this.

So before you choose to have an eyelash extension procedure just go through the list once and take the best decision accordingly.

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