Choosing From the Different Kinds of Available Umbrellas

There are many accessories we use in our daily lives, about which we don’t think much. But when they are not available at the right time, it can be problematic. The best example in this regard is an umbrella. Whether it is a sunny day or a rainy day, you will need an umbrella for protection. But have you ever thought about what kind of umbrella you are carrying? You might not know that there are different kinds of umbrellas available in the market in unique designs and styles for serving various purposes. Some of the popular types are:

  • Automatic umbrella–This kind of an umbrella opens up with mere press of a button at the lower end of the shaft. The handle of the umbrella is straight and on pressing the button, two part motion takes place for opening the umbrella. First, the shaft gets longer and second, the canopy opens up. This kind of umbrella is excellent for unexpected downpours as it can open quickly when compared to a mechanical version of the same. This kind of umbrella is also compact in nature and easily stashed inside a side bag or a briefcase.
  • Bubble umbrella–You must have seen these kinds of umbrellas in a movie. In this umbrella style, there is a full rounded dome and resembles a bubble. The canopy of the umbrella is transparent. It is usually made of transparent material like plastic. Since the canopy of this umbrella comes down till the shoulder almost, good protection is provided from the rain. Also as it is transparent, one can see clearly where one is going. The only thing is that this umbrella cannot be shared with a friend during rain. It is suitable for single person use only.
  • Wind resistant umbrella – There are many places where the weather conditions are pretty windy and rainy. In such situations, there is need of an umbrella, which can not only combat rain, but also be able to withstand the windy weather. The designing and mechanism of a wind resistant or high wind umbrella is different from that of a normal umbrella. This kind of umbrella comes with double canopy and a vented style. The frame of this umbrella is strong and sturdy. The extra protection of the canopy helps wind pass by.
  • Compact and mini umbrella–Many people look for portability and convenience while choosing an umbrella. For them compact and mini umbrellas can be the best choice. It is evident from the name that this kind of umbrella can be folded into a small size and put easily in a small bag. This variety of umbrella is mainly designed and engineered for people who don’t have much space for carrying an umbrella. Such an umbrella will be easy for folding down, and it will also be lightweight and convenient to carry. The arc of such an umbrella is about 30-40 inches, but abundant coverage is provided.

Next time you purchase an umbrella, check the available varieties and buy a suitable one as per needs.

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