Cute n Smart Hairstyles for Girls

Getting the right hairstyle for your sweet darling definitely will help her in looking and feeling her best at all times. Apart from crafting a smart look, it’s important that the hairstyle stays neat throughout the day during her outdoor sojourns. Hairstyles for girls differ on the basis of hair types , face shapes and sometimes even personality type and personal style. In these rushed up times, easy to do hairstyles, can save us some precious time and trouble. These inventive hairdos allow girls to look fantabulous in short time and save you time. Inspire your girl with following easy to do hairstyles for girls and make her feel fabulous!

1)      Twisted bun

Yes, they love their hot cross buns! How about making a hairstyle inspired by their favorite rhyme? This is the most simple and least time consuming hairstyle for your girl.  Pull back hair to form a ponytail. You can make ponytail as high or as low you desire. Secure it with help of hair elastic. Loose ponytail hair to be wrapped around the base of pony. These simple steps will help you find a perfect hairstyle for a busy day. This can be easily created and looks gorgeous on all face cuts. Want a more chic look? Try adding a vibrant hair accessory to the bun!

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2)      Braided Hairstyle

Braids are not boring anymore. It’s just amazing how a braid can transform your look and make you look chic. Braids are easy to make, less time consuming and can be experimented with.  Try a loose side pony tail and braid it while using accessories with it. Your girl is ready for her school function, that too with style!

3)  Bubble ponytail hairstyle                                    

Is your girl awestruck by Disney’s Alladin? Get her a slice of that magical adventure by giving her Jasmine’s Bubble braids on a special occasion like a birthday party. When your little girl is bored with the usual ponytail hairstyle, get her this look that is funky as well as easy to manage. This may look bit difficult to craft, but by following the given steps, your little princess can have a cool hairstyle in no time! First of all, to smooth the curly or wavy hair, apply a good smoothing balm. Use a blow dryer followed by a paddle brush to straighten your hair. Take all your hair and make a high pony. Now you need to secure it with elastic. Spray all your hair with a hair spray. If your girl’s hair has natural waves, go ahead with styling but if not, then add texture to your pony tail by using paddle brush for an extra lift.  Add clear elastic at equal distances to your ponytail. The number depends on the length of your hair and your liking. Gently tug the hair outward between every two bands to create spherical shaped bubbles. And Voila! Your darling is ready with a bubble ponytail in no time!

4)      Curly hairstyle

Long mane of your little wonder can be experimented upon with various cute styles for formal occasions. The most easy and cool hairstyle being – giving them curls. It not only looks cute but makes the mane more manageable yet playful. The loveliest thing about this hairstyle is that it is pretty easy to create. Start by curling the bangs outwards. After this, curl rest of the hair into semi tight curls.  For curling you can use either a curler, or overnight curling method. To keep the curls for longer time, it would be advisable to apply hair spray. This is perfect hairstyle for girls who are bored of the straightened long hair look.

5)   Small Tight Curls                                  

For the small tight curls, which are also known as corkscrew curls, you will need some patience but the results might make you joyous. These would look great while taking your girl for an outing , a night out , party or shopping! Take thin, round curling tongs, remember, thinner the curling tongs that you are using, tighter curls you will get. Before starting, make sure that your hair is completely dry without any moisture.  Take sections of your hair and roll them around the curling tongs. The complete process will take time, but you will be pleased by the results, so have patience while doing this. Back of your hair will be difficult to get hold of, so ask your friend to help you with it. After you are done with the curling process, use hair spray to ensure that your tight curls stay in place.

6)      Crown Braid Hairstyle

This hairdo is also known as halo braid. It is a beautiful girly style that can be worn anywhere and for any occasion. This surely looks difficult to create but actually is pretty simple to recreate. To start, first of all, part the hair in the middle. Separate them in two sections thereafter. Make sure that you secure one side with clutch so that they do not get mixed with the other one. Make an inside – out French braid (also known as Dutch braid) by crossing the strands underneath each other rather than over.  Make your way around the side of the head. Make sure that you keep braid fairly tight. Work across the top of forehead till you finish the braid. Secure the end with elastic. Let it be as it is till you finish the other side. For other side, start at the top of the head instead of the bottom (as done above). Split the hair and do the inside out braid as done in previous section.  This time, work around the side of the head and finish around the nape. Tie the end with elastic. Secure the braids with bobby pins and tuck the tails underneath the other braid to hide them. This would look like a crown of braids. Give a final touch with bit of hairspray. Now you are ready to rock! You can get an easy and convenient approach to get this sweet and chic crown braid hairstyle by looking at the video tutorial here:

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