How many of us actually decide on what to wear depending on our waxing schedules? Though it sounds funny, it is the story of every girl. A sudden plan for a night out with friends, and you run out of clothes to wear just because you haven’t waxed recently. And let’s not forget the pain. It can give a girl nightmares on the day before the appointment at the salon. The worst part is that you get only a few days of freedom before you have to call up the salon for an appointment again.

Thanks to the recent technology, women nowadays have a more permanent solution to this hair problem. These procedures include electrolysis and laser hair removal. Both these procedures have taken the world by storm due to the longevity of the results. Both the procedures leaves you unwanted hair free for several years and even after all those years, the growth is very scanty.

Electrolysis is a process where the hair follicles are destroyed using het or chemicals or both. Here, each hair follicle is treated individually. This is done by inserting a very thin needle into each hair follicle and destroying it. Once the follicle is destroyed, hair cannot grow from that follicle. Thus there is a permanent stoppage of hair growth. This process has been proven to be very successful. The duration of treatment depends on the speed of hair growth. There might be a necessity for weekly or monthly appointments for up to a year. The process by itself is considered slightly painful but if you feel uncomfortable at any point during the procedure, you can always tell the electrologist and they can change the settings in the machine to reduce the discomfort.

Laser hair removal is another procedure that involves attacking the hair at its root. Here, light is used to target the melanin cells in the hair and destroy the hair. Due to this, laser hair removal therapy works best on dark, coarse hair. It also works better on those with light skin shades as the presence of higher levels of melanin in the skin can cause the laser to affect the skin which can lead to burns and hyperpigmentation. The procedure is comparatively less painful and the discomfort caused is minimal. Laser hair removal also requires fewer sittings and the sittings are more widely spaced. The results are also better when compared to electrolysis. Laser hair removal is comparatively more expensive too.

Both procedures have their own advantages and disadvantages but when compared to the temporary procedures, the advantages are enormous. Most women now undergo either of these procedures to remove unwanted hair from regions like the face, underarms and bikini area. A difference can be seen within a single session and this motivates everyone to complete the required number of sessions.

These procedures are usually done after consulting a dermatologist. But the main role is that of the electrologist. These are the people who handle the machines and perform the procedure on you. They are familiar with the perfect machine settings for each customer and see to it that you are not experiencing any discomfort at any point of time during the procedure.

The career opportunities for electrologists is very high and there is an acute shortage too. There are many training centers which provide electrolysis training but few places provide extensive and expert training. Those interested in pursuing a career in this field should check the website https://bhi.edu/programs-courses/electrolysis/. This training program provides efficient training from experienced trainers and will make you an expert in the field. The training and certification will make sure you get a job with a great salary as soon as you finish the course. All in all, you will be spending a very short duration of time in becoming a trained expert in the field and you will be getting rich dividends for your time. So, don’t think twice before you choose this program and secure a bright future by taking the right step towards a successful career.

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