Greatest Hoodie Ever Made

The primary purpose of clothing was to protect our bodies from any external harm, be it from adverse weather conditions or injuries from an animal. This was the simple motto by which our ancestors lived and designed the earliest clothes in the forms of animal skins. For a few thousand years, this concept worked well until one day, someone found a new use for clothes: Fashion.

With the advent of fashion, clothes became a measure for beauty and their use in survival and protection was hugely undermined. The concept of lighter, skimpier clothes gained traction and the whole landscape of clothing changed. It was no longer seen as something which should be worn out of necessity but rather, it became an object of experiments and discoveries.

Things, however, changed when with the onset of industries, people needed clothes that were both trendy as well as rugged without being too burdening. Casual shirts were inadequate for this purpose for they were too fragile. Out of sheer necessity, Hoodie was invented and it immediately hit it off with the populace. By the 1970s, Hoodie was the craze everywhere. The ever increasing popularity of this modern wear was further accentuated through a number of artistic endorsements, most notably in the movie Rocky.

During these 45 years that the Hoodie has been around, it has seen countless changes in its design, it has been stereotyped as the dress of nerds, and it even has gone out of fashion for a little while. But it came back and this return was marked with some of the most amazing discoveries made with this piece of clothing. The culmination of these discoveries is the Greatest Hoodie ever made.

What is it?

As the name suggests, this is the Greatest Hoodie ever made. But of course, a skeptical mind would surely question the authenticity of such a dubious claim and hence, people everywhere took these claims by American Giant, a San Francisco based apparel Start – Up with a pinch of salt. However, things quickly changed when it was made known that these claims were not unfounded but were rather accurate. Companies that made hoodies for men suddenly became aware of this new intruder and for a brief time, the spotlight shown on this newcomer.

Why is it the “Greatest Hoodie”?

Speaking succinctly, this Hoodie transcends the techniques being used currently in the manufacture of Hoodie and sets a new benchmark in material design and comfort.

  • This Hoodie is made from heavyweight cotton which is more durable than both Cotton and Polyester. This gives it an extra edge with American Giant’s executives calling it “A Hoodie that can last a lifetime”.
  • Unlike conventional Hoodie from companies like GAP or Levi’s, this Hoodie is capable of retaining all its nice texture and rugged exterior even after multiple washings. Polyester isn’t that enduring and after a few washes; it becomes brittle and loses its glow.

Worth The Hype?

The Hoodie is a bit overpriced and one might think twice before considering to buy it, but it doesn’t change the fact that this product sets a new unprecedented benchmark in the domain of Hoodie. Without a doubt, this Hoodie is indeed “Greatest” and any money you spend on this one will not be wasted. In the realm that says Hoodie for men, this one is the unequivocal King.

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