Grooming tips for men: Beard oil

A new and fast emerging market is for grooming articles for men. The urban metro sexual male likes to take good care of him and tries to keep himself presentable for all times. One never does know when one might have to be onstage. Men have the option of flaunting their facial accessory in more than a hundred styles but all of them need taking good care. A man’s face is coarser in comparison to a woman and facial products that work wonderfully on their skin seldom have any effect on the faces of men. This is because of a difference in the skin texture of the two genders. This is one of the reasons why men’s facial creams are advertised separately and women’s are sold separately.

Apart from the use of facial creams men also have a need for taking good care of their facial hair (the beard). Many choose to go for the clean shaven look that looks sleek and clean. While many opt for sporting different kinds of beards, almost all men have at some point experimented with their looks. This area opens up a whole new market for grooming products for men. This is because of the reason that facial hair, just like the hair on your head, needs to be properly looked after. If it is not being done so, then it becomes prone to the same ailments as our hair.

Beard oil to the rescue:

The reasons for using beard oil are as follows:

  • Moisture: Using oil for your beard provides the skin below the beard with essential moisture that keeps it from getting excessively dry and prone to flaking. This in turn prevents the beard from looking dirty and helps you maintain the groomed look that a beard imparts.
  • Prevents dandruff: It prevents dandruff in the beard. Facial hair, just like our hair is exposed to all minds of pollutants and dust particles throughout the day and requires a lot of work in cleaning. Using oil helps in keeping the beard clean as if forms a protective covering (as hair oil does for our hair) and prevents it from damage.
  • Maintenance: It helps with the daily maintenance of our beards. Constant combing is not always possible, especially when you are working for long hours every day. Beard oil keeps your beard in shape and well set through the day and it does not look ruffled or dried up even as you end a hectic day.

There are a lot of options available in the market now for different types of facial hair accessory. You can get your own choice of it depending on which type suits you the best. But one thing is for sure that you do need to take good care of your beard if you want to sport one. Failing to keep up its maintenance even for a few days will make it look unkempt and dirty. So don’t forget to take care.

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