How To Choose Men’s Designer Jewellery That Will Last A Lifetime

Fashions change over time: one moment that gorgeous chunky gold chain is a winner, the next it’s dead in the water.  The trick to buying men’s designer jewellery is to choose a few select pieces that are classic designs that will stand the test of time: think classic designs rather than one-season-wonders.  Of course, by all means buy the latest fashion trend, but don’t get too attached to it and ideally don’t spend a fortune on it.

This rule of thumb is especially important if you are thinking of buying a piece of men’s designer jewellery as a gift for someone else.  A classic design, good-quality materials and a solid designer name all make it more likely that the smile you receive in thanks for your gift will be sincere and not an ‘it’s a nice thought but I hope she/he doesn’t expect me to wear that in public’ kind of smile.  Links of London gifts are always well received partly because their name carried a lot of weight as a status symbol.

If you’re not sure what to buy, you could always ask for advice.  Men wear jewellery for a number of reasons, but one of the most common is to make themselves appear affluent and successful – a really beautiful timepiece, for example, adds the finishing touch to a sleek suit for the office.  Men also like to compete with each other in subtle ways, one of which is to have the best jewellery.

Silver is a modern classic metal used in men’s jewellery, though woven cord bracelets are proving to be a long-standing favourite especially amongst younger men.  A classic, simple dog tag necklace or a sterling silver (or stainless steel) chunky ring will be well-received by most young men with an eye for style.

If you’re still unsure, pop into a jewellery shop known for its style and prestigious designs and ask for advice.  If you have a budget, say so up front and keep an open mind as to what you might like to buy.  You might think that a pair of cufflinks would be the best thing, but after chatting to a friendly member of staff you might realise that the person you are buying for wouldn’t get much wear out of them (if they have only one French-cuff shirt, for example) and decide to opt for a watch instead.

If you’re visiting London then perhaps you want to bring back a nice piece of men’s designer jewellery as a souvenir.  London gifts are always popular – you could buy a pair of cufflinks featuring the London Eye or Westminster, for instance.

Finally, always choose your gift from a reputable jewellery shop that offers good after-sales care.  If the recipient really dislikes your choice and is brave enough to tell you, then obviously a solid returns policy that would allow you to at least swap the item for another would be important.  Some offer ‘gift receipts’ that you could discretely include inside the wrapping (it wouldn’t have the price on) so the recipient could always return it themselves and not hurt your feelings.

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