How To Look Trendy With Outdoor Outfit

Outdoors can be great especially when the weather is a bit warm. Women’s clothing is widely varied, therefore you should learn to find the right clothing for your needs without many problems. But is it really that simple? From coats to jackets, base layers to cozy fleeces, t-shirts to skirts, boots to sandals, it can prove a challenge choosing what will look trendy on you while heading for the outdoors. Here are great suggestions for the outdoors, from going out for a little adventure such as skiing to attending a day time date with outfits your date will love.

Cozy Dress, Boots and Leggings

When heading outdoors for some shopping, you can try some Ugg boots and pair them with a dress combo, cozy enough to keep you for long hours in outside adventure. Leggings will also do some good and help you keep your legs warm even though you will be showing a part of them. Slightly tall boots can also look trendy, but at the same time, they will help you keep your feet warm. If it is a bit cold, throw onto the little dress some jacket for warmth.

Cashmere Sweater and Accompaniments

If you are going to spend a lot of time in a casual place, forget the dresses and all that come with them. You just want to keep warm but at the same time have some statement of style. A loose sweater fits the very need you have for outdoor comfort. It does not show much. Try a cashmere sweater, some heels or flats – whichever you feel comfortable in – and some jeans too. When the sweater hangs over your shoulders, it will look absolutely unique and fashionable. Another great accessory to try with this sweater is a matching sweater cap. Dressed up this way, you are even ready for a daytime date adventure.

Weekend-ready Wear

Sometimes the outdoors can feel like weekends if you do not really spend time in the office. Therefore, wear something that will give you that end-of-the-week feeling. Choosing some skirts, blouses and even shoes can prove to be a challenge, but you can try a knee-high skirt with a slouchy top. Add on that some flat sandals and a nice matching clutch in your hand. Perhaps a floral print skirt and a good bangle with warm colors will do a great job in transforming your looks by simply adding some style to your outdoor outfits. This combination, however, is only perfect for a warm day.

Jordana Brewster in a weekend-ready outdoor outfit. Laid back yet trendy.

Winter Outdoor Outfit Set

For spending winter in the outdoors, take some time to layer your outfits appropriately so that you do not end up in the cold. Don’t take this for advice to dress up so thick and fall out of style. Choose your footwear well, perhaps matching them with your leggings. A winter coat, closed heels and a really spicy scarf will add a great tone to your outfits. Keep yourself a bit warm, perhaps adding a tight t-shirt layered beneath the coat and a skirt just above the knees. Perhaps you could also try a mix of black and white. Ensure you fix this with a hot red shoe so that you don’t look like snow in the evening. Open-toe stiletto will probably give you a hot tamale touch.

Animal Print Ideas

If you love animal print, some outfits will also be good selections for the outdoors too. Choose a semi-twisted print that will push the fashion envelope. The trick is in how you pair it with accessories. An overcoat that is animal printed will be a great choice. Couple it with some jeans, a nice tote and knee-high boots. If you like, you can have the boots heeled if that will feel absolutely fabulous for you. You could add in some scarf if you like, but that will depend on the design of the overcoat.

Houndstooth Jackets

For afternoon walks or even errands, you can style up with a sexy houdstooth jacket with some comfy shoes. Accessorize it with a good jacket-matching tote. Choose your t-shirt well to fit the skinny jeans you will sport.

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