International Talk like a Pirate Day Freebies and Booty

Different types of days are celebrated in the different parts of the worlds. These include father’s day, mother’s day, earth day, national boss day and teacher day etc. Similarly “International Talk like A Pirate Day” is also celebrated. This day is celebrated on September 19 and was first celebrated in 1995. This is a type of fun holiday in which people prefer to dress up same as the sea plunders. Dressing like a pirate and more liked and loved if someone has a monkey or a parrot with him. People feel free to talk like pirates while enjoying this day. They read books, watch movies have parties etc.

By studying the history it was observed that pirates are basically the robbery act people. In most of the communities the piracy act is punishable and not feels nice to human beings. Therefore by noticing this point there are some favoritisms and criticism on the celebration of this day. Both are correct on their side. For example if people take this general, they have the opportunity to have fun. As this is the fun holiday hence people can enjoy their time by having little parties with friends, families and others. They can entertain themselves by having different kind of food, movies traveling, visiting and almost all types of fun they can have.  These types of gathering spread the socialism among people and give opportunity to interact with each other. People exchange the ideas, fun, business etc which is helpful in rest of the activities.

While if history relation is observed that pirates were not the good people and mostly people even dress up like pirates on this day, this does not sounds cool to act like a pirate as piracy is forbidden in most of the developed societies. Therefore to celebrate this day is not considered good if look back its history relation that why the pirate day is celebrated. People use the costumes of pirates. Almost all age of people young, teens, children, parents design different creative stuffs similar to the pirates in that era when pirates used to do that in ancient times.  However most of the things have both positive and negative effects on the society. Celebration of this day on one side provides the people to have some fun enjoy life and had some of the other activities. You can also celebrate by getting free gifts and coupons for This increases the socialism and peace among people. But on the other side also had some cons too due to the main concept of piracy related to the old times. But overall positive message should be used for the celebration of these days. So both advantages of making society happy and not having bad impact of pirates can be achieved consecutively.  Positive messages should be spread therefore people will focus on the things that are focused more. This will help the societies not to think like pirates or act of piracy, but use this fun holiday only as for entertaining themselves in different creative ways.


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