Is Dry Cleaning Actually Dry

You likely have clothing that you cannot put in your washer. These are dry clean only clothes. Typically, they are nicer clothes that need to maintain their colour and their form. Garments such as suits, dresses, slacks, and other formalwear, are often dry clean only. That means that you need to take them to a dry cleaner. However, you might not understand exactly what happens when you dry clean clothes and why it is important.


Dry cleaning is not actually dry. It uses liquids but it does not use water.

  • Dry cleaning uses solvents that are not water soluble. They dissolve the dirt and oil trapped in clothes without affecting them.
  • Many types of ink and fabric are water soluble; therefore, a substance such as perchlorethylene does not harm clothing.
  • Dry cleaning services in Cheltenham likely use perchlorethylene but there are other solvents that are used.

Follow the Tags

The tag on your clothing usually says how to take care of it. It also says if you can wash it and how. If it says not to wash the item in water, then you should not use any. You should definitely pay attention to what is written on the tag. If you have a question, take it to the dry cleaner and ask them to interpret the symbols for you. They will tell you how to best take care of your clothing. It’s likely that you can wash the item gently in cold water but nothing more than that. In other instances, the item must not be placed in any water.


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