Make Sure Your Teenager Has All the Menswear Basics He Needs

Teenagers are the same, no matter where they live in the world. When it comes to clothes, teenagers want it to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. This kind of fashion philosophy tends to leave out rather important menswear items that no man—not even teenagers—should be without. As a parent, however, you can give your son gifts so that crucial items won’t be absent from his wardrobe.


Very few teenage boys actually save up to buy suits for themselves. After all, in their minds it doesn’t make sense to buy something that expensive that they would wear only once or twice. Teenage boys are also growing boys, so if you want to buy your son a suit make sure you pick out the more affordable brands because he will soon outgrow it. The best time to actually buy a good suit for your son is when he is done growing. Make sure he is university age before you splurge on the suit.

Classic items in this category include a dark grey or navy suit, which can be worn for more formal occasion or even for a serious date. Two button single-breasted suits are ideal. Just be sure of your son’s measurements so that this investment doesn’t go to waste. A navy blue blazer or sport coat is also great for guys, and it is very versatile as well. Pick one in a simple cut and made from worsted wool for all-year use.


No man should lack for a white dress shirt—even teenagers. It matches with just about anything, and it tends to provide a smarter appearance. Make sure the fabric is strong when you buy it.

Polo shirts are also an integral men’s wear item, and even if your son already has several one more won’t hurt. Get some in fresher colors or even new brands when you shop for menswear online. Get your son a nice V-neck sweater if he doesn’t have one yet.


Chances are your son likes his denim jeans. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you can add to his collection by giving him some dark jeans that won’t look out of place in nice restaurants. Avoid extreme skinny or baggy fits, and just go for the regular cut.

You can also make sure that he has ample variety in the trouser category by giving him some chinos and khakis. They should be wholly made from cotton, and have flat fronts.


If your son is like most of his peers, then his favorite shoes will be trainers. You can add to his favorites by making sure he has a classic pair of sneakers in more subdued colors that can match his outfits. Give him something in white for the summer holidays and a pair in darker hues for school days.

Getting the fit right when you shop for someone you just met may be difficult, but it should be easier if you are buying clothes for your husband. The research material is right in front of you: just check out his wardrobe and get precise measurements. Try to get the measurements of those items that he feels most comfortable. Another way to do this is to wait until he is sleeping soundly and then get a tape measure to get his precise measurements. This method is best left to wives and girlfriends, but you may as well use all the advantages at your disposal.

It’s nice that you’re determined to help your husband by buying him comfortable clothes. By making sure that they are comfy, you can also pick out clothes that look better as well.

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