Perfect Ways to Increase Lean Muscle Mass

This is quite obvious that people who are joining fitness centers or gymnasiums want to enhance their fitness level. Many of these people want to build bigger and leaner muscles, but a big percentage of these guys struggle when it comes to increasing the muscle size. It is difficult to increase hard and lean muscle that is the reason even after working out for many months; people cannot increase a single inch. You will find more information about losing fat and increasing muscle mass at

Here are a couple of tips to help you increase your lean massquickly.

The Perfect Form of Exercise

When people enter gymnasium, they start doing exercise on the first machine they find without even thinking, whether they are doing it in the proper form or not. It is imperative on your part to consult your physical instructor about the form of an exercise otherwise the whole effort will go futile. Your posture and movement should be right while lifting weights. Improper form of exercise may bring negative results and continuous practice of improper form may bring serious health complications.

Opt For Major Lifts First

Different exercises involve different muscle groups and by doing major lifts first you will benefit from your exercise routine. This is because big muscle groups need more energy and effort. If you do big muscle group exercises in the last, then you may not be able to complete the repetitions because by that time your smaller muscles are exhausted.

Repetition Range between 6-8

Your objective of doing exercise is to improve your strength and increase muscle size. People try to lift as much weight as they can, but this is not the right technique. You are supposed to lift weight by which you can complete 6-8 repetitions of an exercise. When you are training to increase muscle mass, there is no benefit in doing more than 10 repetitions in a set of exercise.

Rest Period

Your muscle fibers are torn when you exercise and they get recovered during rest. If you have involved in rigorous weight training, then your muscles may need 48 hours to recover. Rest period depends on how your body is responding and your exercise schedule. You can work out your muscle two times in a week or once a week only. Suppose you are doing biceps and back on Monday then do triceps and chest on Tuesday. Do shoulders and legs on Wednesday. By following this exercise schedule you will work out your muscle groups twice a week. Get more information about health supplements from

Stretch Your Muscles

A lot of people try to forget stretching or they don’t feel like doing it because they believe that stretching will not increase the muscle size. Lifting heavy weights is only thing which will increase their size. This is a mistake because stretching will not only reduce the soreness, but it will improve the range of motion by which you can do better lifts.

Eating Before and After Every Workout

What you eat before and after your workout play a significant role in building lean muscle. What you consume before exercise routine will give you good energy so that you can work out better and right after every workout you need to consume carbohydrates and protein.


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