Personalised Tailor Services

In the world of modern business, you have to look good on the move, and if you really want to impress, then made to measure is the way to go. Many fashion conscious businessmen are reluctant to even look into a made to measure suit as the costs would be a little out of their range, yet with modern online tailors, you can have a made to measure suit at affordable prices. Made to measure requires a fitting, and ideally, a second fitting prior to delivery, in case there are any small adjustments required, so for this reason, the customer must meet with the tailor at least once.

Online Solutions

If you happen to live in NSW, and looking for a quality tailor in Sydney, there are online solutions where you can make a complimentary appointment and discuss fabric and design options with the tailor. A reputable online tailor would have the garments manufactured abroad, and with the finest imported fabrics, your garments will never fail to impress.

Mobile Tailors

Some of the better online tailors will actually come to your home or office for that initial consultation, which is ideal for the busy tycoon who is always on the move. Armed with a fabric catalogue, a tape measure, and some design examples, the tailor can quickly establish your desired style, and with precise measuring, your garments will fit like a glove. Having a mobile tailor is the ideal solution for the business man who always wants to look sharp but doesn’t have the time to attend fitting sessions at the tailor’s shop.

Imported Fabric

A suit tailor in Sydney should choose high quality cloth, and with the finest Italian material, you really can’t go wrong. The Italians are famous for fast cars, ice cream, and the best tweeds and wools for suits, and with a choice of textures, colours, and finishes, you can select something that identifies you.

Made by Professionals

The suit would ideally be made by qualified tailors, with large online tailors using factories in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, and with your specifications, they can create the perfect custom suit for any occasion.

The Process

If you are looking for a special suit for a special occasion, it is an idea to make enquires a few months in advance, and with a simple online search, you should find a reputable tailor nearby. The next step is to make an initial appointment, which can be done through their website, and then you can discuss your options with the tailor. The measurements and specifications would be sent to the factory, where your new suit would be made. This typically takes about 30 days and when the finished product arrives at the tailor shop, you would have another fitting to ensure that everything is as it should be. Often there are small adjustments needed, and this would be carried out there and then.

The affordability of made to measure clothing makes it a practical alternative to off the peg clothes, and with special occasions demanding we look our very best, an online tailor is both affordable and convenient.

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