Retro Hairstyles for Guys and Gals

Vintage is the next best thing in fashion .Fashionistas and trendsetters are looking back at the past for inspirations .The iconic hairstyles of legends are back with a bang. Here are few Retro hairstyles for guys and gals that are worth trying out!

For the Lady

The Elizabeth Taylor soft curls

As they say, it’s all in the name. This style is perfect for longer hair and adds oodles of glamour. To achieve this look; you need volumizing foam, ceramic iron and a smoothing brush.

Take an egg size amount of the volumizing spray on your palm, apply on your hair and blow dry. Take a 1 ¼ inch ceramic iron and curl your hair. Alternately, you can section the hair and use hot rollers. Use clips to secure the curls and allow cooling. Now take a smoothing brush and gently brush the hair to enhance the curls. Twist the ends and use pins to get the desired length. Get the tutorial here –

If you are naturally endowed with curly hair, here are a few classy hairstyles you can try out

The Audrey Hepburn Look

That iconic look of Audrey Hepburn in the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ is as stylish as it is timeless. Get this classy look by following the instructions below.

Use electric rollers to curl your hair.Seperate the front and the back by sectioning the hair from ear to ear. Create a deep side part in the front and sweep your hair across the forehead low. Twist the hair up and allow the curls to tousle. Use pins to secure.

For the Gentleman
  1. Elvis messy Pomp Haircut


This retro look is of course inspired by the legend himself and he wore this signature look for a long time. Cut your hair and colour it as you desire. Use some gel or pomp and apply to your hair. Comb up from the sides and when you reach the top just comb hair straight up and let it fall to create that pompadour. While your hair is still wet, use a comb to flick a few hairs out to create that messy look. Last but not the least shave and trim your sideburns properly to have that classic Elvis hairstyle.

  1. Clean Side part Haircut

This retro hairstyle is inspired from ‘Mad Men’ star Don Draper. This style is very distinct with a side part and a classic taper. The side and back need to be cut short and the front left a little longer. Ask your barber if your hair needs to be cut a little to give a prominent side part. Remember you need to brush your hair properly in the beginning to create volume and then use a hairspray. Use a small teeth comb to part it nicely and the hairspray will hold it in place.

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