Rose Gold Jewelry in Vogue Again

Rose gold jewelry has made a comeback in the fashion world. This precious metal is significantly seen today in engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, watches and many more. Rose gold, also known as “pink gold” (pink hue is due to yellow gold alloyed with copper), looks delicate and highly fashionable. The rare metal is no longer rare today and the price is comparatively affordable as copper is inexpensive and rose gold jewelry is priced on the weight of the gold.

The major brand “Cartier” was the first to popularize this metal with the introduction of the TRINITY BAND. The trinity band was made of rose, white and yellow gold, with one band intertwining with the other. This is how rose gold made its entrant in the jewelry market. Then, the Piaget’s ROSE RING which had a 3D twist of pink gold of 18 karat with a brilliant-cut diamond at its heart was launched.

Though the classic Trinity ring brings in the metal’s history, its recent revival is due to the popularity of the color of the metal in the fashion world. The demand for rose gold jewelry has seen an impressive growth compared to its demand during the retro period. From Cartier to Piaget, this precious metal was fused into many of the modern jewelry collections. Rose gold has paved its way into the creative minds of jewelry designers as well as in the hearts of the consumers.

Rose gold color blends well with bright as well as all the neutral shades. The pink hue of the metal not only matches with various shades of dresses and apparels, it also matches with all skin types. The color brings out a subtle tone of the skin. Moreover, it does not have the ‘glitzy-effect’ and has an understated elegance that blends perfectly with any feminine styles, whether flashy or neutral. The return of rose gold in the dominated yellow and while gold jewelry market offers consumers with various variations of designs in jewelry. Many celebrities and fashion icons are opting for rose gold jewelry instead of platinum because it has a vintage appeal that mixes up with all colors.

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