Seven Pairs Of Shoes And What They Say About You

As a woman, it’s hard to avoid the pleasures of fashion. Every article of clothing you own says something about you. For example, that pair of distressed jeans may tell others that you are an edgy kind of gal. Or perhaps that dress with books printed on it lets others know that you have a bit of an endearingly nerdy side to you. Well, shoes are no different. They say just as much about you as any other article of clothing. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Sneakers: This shoe type says that you are an easygoing person with a lot of work to accomplish. You are probably on your feet all day, rushing from one place to another. This raises another point: your pair of sneakers must are also suitable for the gym, which means that you enjoy working out whenever you get the chance.

 flat shoes

Flats: You are a casual girl who likes to stay comfy. You either like to dress up or down depending on your mood, but either way you manage to look adorable. Others see you as fashionable and down to earth.

combat boots

Combat boots: Watch out! Others see you as strong, edgy, and ready to embrace the more fascinating side of fashion. With this type of taste in shoes, it’s likely that you enjoy visiting major cities due to your innate knowledge of indie fashion trends.

oxford shoes

Oxfords: Others see you as highly professional, stylish, and classy all in one. You are most likely a business woman with a ton of significant responsibility. Or maybe you just like the way that they look with a cute vintage dress? Either way, you have class.


Heels: Wearing heels can indicate a variety of things, but most of the time, they are more commonly worn in club or bar settings. Sexy heels can be perfect for these locations, but wearing them to certain occasions (such as a child’s birthday party) can be considered somewhat inappropriate. As long as you are pairing those bad boys with jeans and suitable clothing, others see you as a center of attention who likes to attract others.

Gladiator heels

Gladiator heels: Others see you as fashionable but definitely attention-seeking if they rise all the way up to your knees. They are unquestionably cute, but are much more apropos for the summer or spring. Don’t wear these this time of the year, ladies (unless it’s under a pair of loose pants…)

Booties with shorts

Booties: You’re a versatile girl and probably enjoy wearing a different style every day. On Monday you might wear a nice patterned dress with your beloved booties, and Tuesday you might be sporting a pair of jeans with an iconic tee. Others see you as adaptable and trendy.

Your shoes say a little more about you than you thought. This guide can assist you in making the correct fashion decision for the next time you go out. Remember, you can be whoever you want to be—especially with the help of a cute pair of shoes!

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