The Origins of Trollbeads

This unique style is very popular today, with a range of classical designs, and of course, many new ones that adorn necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings. What makes trollbeads unique is that they are threaded through the jewellery medium, which could be silver, leather, or even a fabric. This popular concept has been taken on board by fashion, and with so many designs and styles, they are a classic accessory for many specific looks.

The Very First Trollbead

In 1976, in Denmark, a six-faced bead was created by Soren Silversmith, whose father, Svend, owned a jewellery shop in Copenhagen. The current fashion of the time was to have a single bead hanging from a leather thong around the neck, yet Soren wished to actually thread the leather through the centre of the bead, and the trollbead necklace was created.

Unique Design

This first trollbead was crafted from silver, and had six troll faces inscribed, and if you were to roll the bead, all six faces would show. Soren’s sister Lise, liked the beads and would put one on a bracelet and sold them from her shop. People liked them, and one day a customer asked if it would be possible to have two beads instead of one. From that time on, Soren created the bracelets according to customer’s wishes, and very soon, the range became known around the world.

Other Designers

Soren and his family were involved in the design of trollbeads for many years, and then, in 2000, they invited other jewellers to design and create their own trollbeads, and today there are many trollbead creations adorning the bodies of fashionable people. Trollbeads are known around the world, with jewellers from more than fifty countries that regularly craft them for a range of items.

Diverse Collection

Before long, both gold and pearls were used to create trollbeads, and with special locks added, it was possible to add beads at will. Glass beads were introduced in 2002, and their popularity has grown exponentially, perhaps because trollbeads can complement any fashion concept, and the versatility and wide selection of unique designs.

Other Materials

Troll beads are made from many different materials, including:

  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Bronze
  • Crystal

Ceramic and glass trollbeads are perhaps the most popular additions, and with silver or leather bracelets or necklaces, the beads are very attractive and go with most concept looks.

Jewellery Items

Trollbeads can effectively be used with any form of jewellery, including rings, bangles, bracelets, and chains. The many colours and shapes allow you to be specific, and by adding or removing individual beads, you can easily create something unique. Trollbeads are now firmly established as a fashion accessory, and with so many unique materials and designs, there is something for everyone.

If you are looking to brighten up your concept, consider trollbeads, as the combinations are literally unlimited, and once you wear them a few times, you will become attached to them, like everybody else. Stylish and timeless, trollbeads are an essential fashion accessory.

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