Trendy Mohawk Hairstyle for Modern Men

If you want to make a long lasting and impressive statement at people wherever you go then Mohawk is the ultimate hairstyle for you. North American tribes like Mohicans, horse clan warriors of Libya and mercenaries of Ireland and Ukraine have been rocking throughout the ages with this look. Since then soldiers and rebels all around the world have adopted this funky cool hairstyle.

To get a perfect Mohawk hairstyle you need to get a suitable haircut.  The most common one begins by shaving your sides while retaining a strip of your hair towards the scalp’s centre. Whether to keep your hair long, short or to keep them thick or thin depends upon your choice of Mohawk hairstyle and the kind of hair texture you have.

Follow these steps to get a sensational Mohawk hairstyle:

  1. Blow Dry your Hair

This is an important step on the process as it will remove moisture and prevent frizziness while stopping your hair from being weighted down.

  1. Choose your style well

There is a large number of Mohawk hairstyle available for you to choose from. The most common ones are the Fan Mohawk and Liberty Spikes. Choose the one that is a true reflection of your mood or expression.

  1. Give it the trademark height

To give that trademark height to that Mohawk Hairstyle of yours, you have to do a process called Tease. Just grab a section of your hair in front of your forehead, use a fine ended comb to back comb your hair in various small strokes from your scalp towards the tip. In case of Fan Mohawk you need to pull up your hair all through the process and while creating Liberty Spikes you will have to twist your hairs and individual spikes.

  1. Keep defying gravity

To maintain that trademark height of your Mohawk, you will need to apply some additional products. They will help you to defy the laws of gravity, piss of Newton, and make you look sexy throughout the night. For those who prefer organic things, you can use a mixture of gelatin, white portion of eggs, some glue and cornstarch. For those who have no such inhibitions about market products, you can use any of the strong hair gel products

Remember to apply that mixture liberally by starting at the bottom and they work your way up slowly till you reach the top. Ensure the even distribution and then blow dry your Mohawk Hairstyle for 60 seconds. Afterwards a generous dosage of hairspray should be applied as an added bonus.

TIP- hair should be combed genially to get a smooth and continuous Mohawk.

Keeping a Mohawk is a very hard thing to do. These side shaves, constant hair spraying and tremendous amount of work and attention that is required for its upkeep is not an easy task. If you are looking for more ideas on this style read Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Even after all the instruction one can get in written , a genuine Mohawk hairstyle can only be made after seeing someone do it. So just for your sake, below is an awesome instructional video which will teach you to make a superb Mohawk for your worries.

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